A collection of stories generated by the WPLP team over the years.

The Buried River

Ignoring natural forces has dire consequences

When Learning Is Real

How the Mill Creek Project transformed an inner-city school

Fatima's Story

HTML can save a life

"A Way tableo Fix Things"

The life of a local hero

Green Cities, Clean Waters

Philadelphia’s landmark plan to improve water quality

Coming Full Circle

Former students trace WPLP’s impact on their careers

"You Don't Just Leave Family"

WPLP is more than a research project…it’s personal

Hayward Ford

A community garden’s “ripple effect”

Martin Knox

Overcoming barriers: the journey from school to garden

Crystal Cornitcher

Changing the way people think about Mill Creek

Joe Piotrowski

How the US Environmental Protection Agency was a catalyst for local partnerships

Sarah Williams

On navigating challenging partnerships

Joanne Dahme

Philadelphia’s Water Department engages inner-city kids