In our Mill Creek Project, middle school students explored how their neighborhood evolved, proposed changes, and learned HTML in order to tell their story on the Web. The program forged relationships between university students and inner-city kids and transformed their school.

We need to turn the conversation about children in low-income communities on its head. To speak of intelligence, creativity, and potential rather than poor performance, indifference, and trouble. Community development, environmental restoration, and educational reform must go hand in hand. Youth have a crucial role to play in this process.

Mill Creek Project

“A curriculum for the millennium” where the neighborhood is the classroom, with the school at the center

When Learning Is Real

How the Mill Creek Project transformed an inner-city school

Fatima's Story

HTML can save a life

Visions for Our Neighborhood

Eighth graders describe their ideas for Mill Creek’s future

Power of Place

Students learn to read the landscape

Mill Creek Curriculum

Mill Creek Mini Golf

The “holes” detain stormwater and tell stories about the neighborhood

Transforming the Urban Landscape

Strategic designs for vacant land

Ask Me about Mill Creek

Middle school students learn and teach about the urban watershed

SMS News

Middle school students learn HTML and launch an online newspaper

Welcome to My Neighborhood

Eighth-graders provide tours of their neighborhood

Future City Competition

“Silver City” wins Best Design

Aspen Farms

Designs for a prize-winning community garden

Philadelphia Green Schools

A proposal for green schools, thriving neighborhoods