U.S. Environmental Protection Agency

Region III of the EPA is responsible for monitoring and regulating environmental quality in the Mid Atlantic States. Region III's Water Protection Division took a leadership role in addressing environmental issues in Philadelphia and was instrumental in fostering the partnership between WPLP and the Philadelphia Water Department from 1996-2001. In 2001, the EPA and the Pennsylvania Department of Environmental Protection provided the Philadelphia Water Department with a grant to fund an outdoor classroom-environmental study area-detention basin project to reduce combined sewer overflows from the Mill Creek watershed. EPA was also a part of the Philadelphia Urban Resources Partnership, a group of federal agencies, which supported the Mill Creek Project in the mid 1990s. In 2012, EPA and the City of Philadelphia signed an agreement to collaborate on developing green infrastructure in Philadelphia as part of the city’s landmark program Green City, Clean Waters.


Green City, Clean Waters
Joe Piotrowski

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