For more than twenty years, hundreds of West Philadelphia Project staff and students, together with our partners, have produced a wealth of information on the Mill Creek watershed. We have studied its history, described its present, and made plans for its future. We have developed new curriculum and designed and built community gardens. This page provides new ways to access some of those resources.

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WPLP Web sites

WPLP has been on the Web since 1996, with three major revisions: 1997, 2002, and 2008. To visit prior sites, click on the link below:


WPLP projects include built landscapes, a new middle school curriculum, a community database, and proposals for watershed management which have been implemented by the City of Philadelphia. Click on the links below to see some examples:


From the first WPLP-affiliated studio course in 1987, university students enrolled in more than a dozen classes have made proposals for the future of the Mill Creek watershed and neighborhood. Since 1996, they have presented their work online, and so have students at Sulzberger Middle School. Follow the links below to visit the classroom and see their ideas:


WPLP pioneered digital mapping of topography, vacant land, and the urban watershed in the 1980s and 1990s. The WPLP digital database has not been updated since the City of Philadelphia developed its own digital database in the mid 1990s. The WPLP map archives include dozens of detailed historical maps of West Philadelphia and the Mill Creek neighborhood; these will be posted here if permission is obtained:



We have designed community gardens, blockscapes, outdoor classrooms as part of a new middle-school curriculum, and stormwater detention projects, some of which have been built. Others remain speculative. Here are links to a few examples:



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