People, working and learning together, have been the heart of the West Philadelphia Landscape Project: college middle-school students, school teachers and university professors, neighborhood residents and public officials. Altogether, since we began in1987, the WPLP community includes more than 500 people. Letís reconnect.

Where are you now?

Click on the image to find out more. This slide show will feature WPLP alumni and their current activities. Were you part of WPLP? Get in touch, send a photo and tell us what you are doing.


Were you part of the Mill Creek Project at Sulzberger Middle School from 1996-2002? Do you ever wonder where your classmates and the others you worked with are now? Have you been a member of the WPLP staff or are you one of our partners?

Do you live in Mill Creek? Or have you moved away and wonder whatís happening in the neighborhood? Are you looking for others to help out with an idea for a project in Mill Creek?

If you have been part of WPLP (as a student at Sulzberger Middle School or at Penn or MIT, as a community gardener or neighbor, as a public official), please contact Anne Spirn (spirn@mit.edu).

We are about to launch an online social network for the WPLP-Mill Creek community. It will be a place where you can post photographs of Mill Creek today, of yourself and your own activities, where you can discuss a career, find others with similar interests, share experiences and ideas.