Community development, environmental restoration, and educational reform must go hand in hand.
We seek partnerships among advocates for each in order to combine forces and resources. We believe that youth have a crucial role to play in this process. This conviction comes from three decades of work in low-income communities on projects that simultaneously address issues of poverty, race, deteriorated neighborhoods, polluted water, and troubled schools.
West Philadelphia Landscape Project
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School Garden At Aspen Farms
Aspen Farms Community Garden provided a plot for students at Sulzberger Middle School in spring 1996 in the first phase of the Mill Creek Project.


Daisy Century's science class started a vegetable garden at Aspen Farms Community Garden in spring 1996 with the help of Hayward Ford and WPLP staff Rachel Sterling-Boyers. The students' vegetables won several ribbons at the Fall 1996 Harvest Show, sponsored by the Pennsylvania Horticultural Society.